Congress Party on Thursday, 06.06.2024 from 19:00 at the Edelfettwerk

The Edelfettwerk is an old factory in Hamburg with a history dating back to 1942. At that time, the factory specialised in pharmaceutical ointments and edible fats. A little later, it switched to “pharmaceutical carriers”, such as the suppository mass, which melted at 37 degrees and was registered as a world patent.

Production was shut down, paving the way for an event location at the end of the 1990s. Old factory facilities were deinstalled and replaced by unique lounge, dance and open-air areas. The main hall of the Edelfettwerk is located in the building’s former warehouse. With a floor area of 600 m², the new “BeachClub” built in summer 2016 offers an extension with a white sandy beach and palm trees for a beach feeling in the centre of Hamburg.

Authentic industrial design meets dance floor, old production vat meets lounge, roof terrace meets industrial estate – something like this. “Puristic, stylish, industrial” is how the managing director describes the location.

We are celebrating in a place that has already hosted the Eurovision Song Contest preliminary round and the HSV Christmas party.

The schedule:
Admission starts at 19:00, the dance floor opens at 21:00, from 23:00 all drinks are charged on a self-pay basis, the event ends at 1:00 at the latest.

We look forward to seeing you!

Registration is required to attend the congress party, the fee is 55 €.

Unfortunately the party is fully booked!