The 112th BiblioCon takes place in the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg. It’s been twelve years and we remember well the warm sun breaks in “Planten und Blomen” at the 101st Bibliothekartag.
Looking at the conference publications, research data management, open access, metadata and information literacy were the top themes in 2012.
The organizing associations are curious to see which topics will be the focus in 2024: AI and a shortage of skilled workers or research data management and open access again?

The BiblioCon is an event where further training, exchange and trying things out together go hand in hand and librarians and information professionals show again and again that a well-connected community is indispensable for the visibility and effectiveness of the institutions.

We are looking forward to Hamburg, to exciting topics, to new products from the companies, to the discussions and last but not least to the hospitality of the people of Hamburg.

Ute Engelkenmeier

Chairwoman BIB

Anke Berghaus-Sprengel

Chairwoman VDB