Information for your lecture

We would like to list all important information for your presentation / lecture in the congress center.

Here you will find the presentation guidelines with all the information you need to hand in your presentation at the Congress Center and the equipment in the presentation rooms.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us ( ) and we wish you a successful conference.

BIB-OPUS Online Publikationsserver

Dear colleagues,

in 2024, the presentations given at the 112th BiblioCon in Hamburg will be published on the online publication server BIB-OPUS ( for free access again. The abstracts will be imported automatically. The BIB web editorial team will supplement these data records with your presentation slides in PDF/A format.

We require your consent for the online publication of the presentation slides. The forms to do this are available on the BIB website (

We kindly ask you to complete the web form in advance in order to save time at the media desk. However, it is still possible to register at the media desk in Hamburg.

If you are moderating an event for which titles and abstracts of the individual presentations are not listed in the BiblioCon program (e.g. for the public sessions of working groups), please send us an e-mail containing the details of the presentations in order we can enter them in the BIB-OPUS system in advance.
If you have any questions or if you need help, please contact the BIB-OPUS editorial team (

Best regards and many thanks,
The BIB-OPUS editorial team

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